Sheryl Finney Photography

Sheryl Finney Photography

Brittani LeBlanc, Owner/Photographer

I'm a South Louisiana based photographer...

I gained interest in photography when I created my fashion blog, I started out modeling my outfits on the blog myself, but when my photographer became unavailable, I decided to outsource my models and took the camera into my own hands and fell in love. My interest began to expand from purely fashion to general photography and my excitement continues to build more and more with each shoot I do. 
I’ll never stop learning and fully enjoying the journey.

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-cold weather
-being sick
-sea is strange that I adore the beach but really hate what lives in the water.
-doing dishes

-neutral colors (boring, I know)
-traveling (wish I did it more often) really, I totally enjoy what I do!
-CAFFEINE (coffee, Diet Coke, and Redbull..sorry not sorry)
-the beach FO SHO! I could live on the sand.
-Big Brother, guilty pleasure! I totally want to audition(:
-heated car seats. I keep mine on all year round.
-doing laundry
-snacking. I'm a big time snacker. Give me all the cheese and crackers!

Studio B. Photography

Julie Bourque, Assistant/Mom

This is my mom! She's the backbone of my photography business, my biggest fan, and she's the lady who keeps me going. She helps me out on most of my shoots and I couldn't do what I do without her!