Why Prints & Products Matter

Technology has changed the world of photography, but the presence of technology should not replace physical photographs/prints. In an time where pictures are taken more than ever and shared on various different social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Professional photography prints may matter now more than they ever did. Physical prints offer benefits that digitals can’t provide.

Anyone can take a picture, but not everyone can create a beautiful photograph. Snapping an image on a smartphone is different than the technique and talent required in the art of photography. As a photographer, I reflect my passion in every image I produce. When my clients look at my professionally printed images, they’re seeing more than just a picture—they’re seeing the creativity, originality and emotion come alive in vivid color and detail that only a physical print can capture.


To Remember

Before photographs were ever developed, people around the world tried to preserve images that would freeze a moment. They commissioned artists to create paintings, drawings, sculptures, and more throughout history in hopes that events, people, and stories would be remembered in the future.

Photography today is still the same. We take photos to remember how moments in time made us feel and to keep those memories in the future. A print is a tangible object as opposed to an image on a screen. By printing images, the art becomes a way we can continue to walk in the future with our memories in our hands.

We all have memories of looking through old photos with family. These moments are special in themselves. You can relive vacations, graduations, birthdays, etc. from years ago. Every photo captures a fleeting moment in time that would otherwise be lost.


Prints Last When Digitals May Not

As technology advances, the previous tools get left behind. For example, in the 80s, floppy disks were used for document storage. In the 2000s devices with more versatile storage options were created. Those devices didn’t even have a floppy disk reader. The same goes for CDs now. Mobile devices include features that automatically upload data to server-based storage systems but, while unlikely, this type of strange can bring with it possible losses of data.

Digital photos are a great way to share with friends and family, but with it comes a high risk of them getting permanently destroyed due to factors that are out of our control. Changes in technology can’t harm printed photographs.


Decorations & Display

What better way to decorate your home or office than with your favorite photos! Keep your favorite memories where you can see them and relive them every single day!